Eat Your Bananas!

OK, my 50-plus ladies, grab a banana for an afternoon snack! There’s a new study out that shows eating potassium-rich foods could reduce the risk of having a stroke in older women. Hey, do whatever you can do! Get bunches and bunches of bananas! Stay healthy! Here’s the study link:

Embrace the chaos!

Hey moms, is the chaos of raising your kids making you a bit crazy? Sometimes as moms, we pray for the days of peace and quiet when our kids are out on their own…or at least in school for the day! Well, the house is a bit too quiet for me right now and I find myself looking forward to …

Jesus and You

I love this headline in the news today: Christian rapper Lecrae on Faith; ‘I’m Not Religious at All.” He goes on to clarify, saying, “I Have a Relationship With God.” You know, that’s what it’s all about. Religion isn’t the same as relationship. Religion is rigid, rules, judgment, unyielding. Christianity is about a relationship with the living God. It’s loving, …

For King & Country No Turning Back – Story behind the album

Pretty powerful story behind the new album No Turning Back by For King & Country. It’s timely today with the brutal Christian persecution going on in the Middle East. The guys posted the back story on Instagram today, saying it was written 100 percent in the back of a tour bus, and inspired by an 1880’s Welsh missionary family who …

Want to Stay Married? Green Acres Marriage Seminars are FREE

Starts Sun September 14 at 5:30, and runs 10 weeks. YOU CAN DO THIS! Couples who seek marital counseling stand a much greater chance at a long lasting relationship. Build upon your marriage, and form friendships with other couples who are in the same place in life. “Nearly Newlyweds”: For engaged couples and those married less than two years. “Happily Even …

You Are Awesome (Men)

Here’s the link to the piece we ran for guys! You are awesome!  

You Are Awesome (Ladies)

Ladies: Here’s the link for the “You Are Awesome” piece heard on KVNE. And remember… YOU ARE AWESOME!