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Some East Texas schools to open late 1/16/2013

Posted on January 15, 2013
By Fletcher Jonson

According to our friends at CBS19.TV, you may be a little late for work tomorrow morning, depending on where your child goes to school…

EAST TEXAS (KYTX) – Several school districts in East Texas have confirmed with KYTX CBS 19 that they will delay the start of school Wednesday due to weather related conditions.

The list of schools are [sic] as follows:

Etoile ISD 10 a.m.

Mt. Enterprise ISD 10 a.m.

Cushing ISD 10 a.m.

Chireno ISD 10 a.m., Faculty and staff arrive at 9:30 a.m., buses to run 2.5 hours later than normal

Martinsville ISD 10 a.m.

Central Heights ISD 10 am, All school buses will run 2 hours behind their regular schedules

Lanesville ISD 10 a.m.

Hallsville ISD 9 a.m.

To see the latest version of this story with the most up-to-date list, visit CBS19.TV by clicking here.