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25 Gifts That Don’t Come Under The Tree

Posted on December 5, 2012
By Carrie Parsons

25 Gifts That Don’t Come Under The Tree
Written by Mary Lutz

Christmas is all about giving (or should be) and the greatest gifts that you can give don’t come under the tree! So here are a few ideas that might help you help someone else:

1. Invite a single mom and her kids over for Christmas dinner. I was a single mom for a while, so I know how tough it is to be able to provide an extra special meal at Christmas.

2. Choose a single mom or parent family home to give some gifts to. Some churches and organizations have a list you can choose from of needy families.

3. Shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk or driveway.

4. Make a plate of cookies for your neighbor.

5. Take a handmade gift to an elderly person you know in church or in your neighborhood, like a blanket or scarf to help keep them warm this winter.

6. Invite an elderly person to Christmas dinner. There are so many lonely, elderly people that would love to be a part of someone’s Christmas!

7. Take your kids and go help out at the homeless shelter, food pantry or soup kitchen. This might open your kid’s eyes to see what Christmas should be all about.

8. Help out at the community Christmas meal. Lots of community churches and organizations put on a community dinner for those in need.

9. Help out a family member who is struggling financially by paying their heating or electric bill.

10. Invite someone you wouldn’t normally to go to the Christmas Eve service or Christmas play at church with you.

11. Purchase a tree for a family, single person or elderly person and then help them put it up and decorate it.

12. Get some baby toys and clothes for a single mom you know.

13. Giving to charitable organizations is awesome, but don’t just write a check and pop it in the mail. See if they accept gift packages or if they have a day where you can go and put some meals together. Really get out there and serve your community.

14. Give someone the gift of cleaning this year. Go to your mom’s house, a neighbors or elderly persons and clean their house for them. That will really take a load off for someone!

15. Take your elderly neighbor or church friend shopping with you. Sometimes it’s hard for them to get out and about, so they’d probably really appreciate it.

16. Help an elderly person do their gift wrapping this year.

17. Purchase gift wrap for someone who could use a little extra help.

18. Buy a Christmas dinner for a family. Maybe someone you know can handle all the cooking but just can’t afford to buy the ingredients or supplies.

19. Fill up your neighbor’s gas tank before they leave for Christmas vacation.

20. Take your neighbor’s or one of your friend’s kids Christmas shopping to buy gifts for their parents.

21. For a single parent, get photos taken of their kids. This is an awesome gift that a lot of single people can’t spare the extra expense for.

22. Babysit for a single parent so they can get their shopping and/or wrapping done.

23. Purchase coats, hats, mittens or scarves for an elderly person or single parent family.

24. Forgive and ask for forgiveness of any estranged family member. Don’t let another day go by with hard feelings between you and a loved one. Is it really worth it?!

25. Don’t let anyone you know be alone on Christmas or New Years. Invite them to join your family or friends on these special days.

I hope these ideas get you thinking about how you can help others this Christmas. Happy Holidays!