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When You Don’t Feel God

Posted on May 30, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
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As a Christian, we put our faith in God. That’s what the Bible teaches – right? But what if one day you don’t feel or hear God?

What then?

This happened to me. There were a few years in my life, where I wasn’t feeling God. Where I wasn’t close to him. At first I didn’t realize it, but when the storms came, I knew I had not been living closely with Him.

I had a turn of events happen in my life, and my family’s life. One thing was the death of my brother, Jeffrey. It was a shock, to say the least. On top of that, my precious girl, Chloe went through horrendous bullying and abuse. My mother went through major life-threatening surgeries for 10 years straight. I was working at least 70 hours every week at my job, and on top of that, I was not appreciated or treated kindly.

My husband lived in Longview where he worked, and we only saw him on weekends. Needless to say, that was not a wise choice.

I say all this to you that Jesus Christ is there for you.

You might not feel Him, you may not believe He exists, but He is walking with you every day. It takes work to be in God’s Word, to trust Him with everything, and to not waver in your faith. But our Father knows our weakness and that’s why he wants you to really know that when your life seems hopeless, it’s not!

So I say to you: Open your Bible, pray, find Him again, and know that He is God!

MercyMe’s new single, Even If, says it all!

MercyMe – Even If

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