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Time to Spring Forward

Posted on March 11, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
91.3 KGLY East Texas Christian Radio Time to Spring Forward Heard On Air Blog
Amy Austin
91.3 KGLY On-Air Host

This Sunday it’s Daylight Saving Time, ugh! It’s that time when we set our clocks forward by one hour.

I was always told Daylight Saving Time was to help the farmers with more time to tend to their crops. Contrary to popular belief, Daylight Saving Time has nothing to do with farmers.

In fact, farmers were one of the only groups that were against the idea because it left them short one hour to get their crops to market. Dairy farmers also say milking schedules are difficult to change with the shift in time.

The real story of why our country implemented Daylight Saving Time: to conserve energy and fuel during World War I.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, even just a loss of one hour of sleep can make sleep-deprived people more accident-prone. Studies also have found 17 percent of car accidents in the four days after the switch.

The National Sleep Foundation reports the average adult needs at least eight hours of sleep each night, yet more than a third of Americans sleep fewer. Lack of sleep interferes with the daily activities of around 35 percent of those adults.

It’s not always easy to get your body’s internal clock on the new schedule. So many of us may feel groggy, cranky and sleepy for a few days to over a week! It’s kind of like jet lag.

I usually get acclimated in a couple of days, but my husband takes a little longer to adjust to the time change.

How well do you adjust to the time change?

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