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The Mistakes in Cleaning

Posted on August 28, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

There are those few in the world who LOVE to clean, a “fun” hobby for them in fact. Whether you’re one of these people or not, it’s good to have knowledge of what could be mistaken as the “Right” way to clean something when it’s exactly the opposite! Here are a few mistakes you could possibly make when getting things a little more spotless around the place you call home:

Using Windex to clean TV and computer screens

It seems like it would work, but don’t do it! The alcohol and ammonia can damage today’s LCD and plasma screens. The best method is to use a soft, damp sponge.


Using dishwashing soap as dishwasher detergent

They do the same job, but what’s intended for your sink must never go inside your dishwasher. Never. Just ask the many people who have made that mistake and found their machines foaming.


Spraying and wiping too quickly

You need to give sprays — especially those meant to eliminate germs — time to work. Wiping the second you spray will minimize their effectiveness and leave behind forborne bacteria like Salmonella. Read the label and follow the recommendations as to how long it should be left to sit before wiping away.


Combining cleaners

This is not the time to practice your mixology skills. Some combinations can be dangerous. When bleach and the acids found in many bathroom products mix, they can create chlorine gas, which can be deadly. Another bad mix — bleach and ammonia.


Cleaning windows on a sunny day

It seems like a great time to clean them since that’s when you can best see the smudges, but actually the heat can make the cleaner dry too quickly and leave streaks. It’s better to save that dreaded chore for a more overcast day.


Thanks to blogger Julie Ryan Evans for these Must-Knows when cleaning anywhere! Any tips you’ve learned over your cleaning days? Feel free to post below :D


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