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The Marriage Series: Look Around A Bit

Posted on October 21, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

“Look around you, at the people you love. Is what you’re doing within your marriage working for you and everyone around you?”

It’s a response to my “advice for marriage” question that I had no clue I would get from author, speaker, and funny guy Bob Goff. But it IS a response that is as unique and thought provoking as the man himself, so why would I be surprised! 

A marriage is built and begins the journey of 2 people becoming one. But that isn’t entirely correct. Not only is our Father God suppose to be in it as well, but you start to realize that your individual families become part of the mix and your individual friends are now somewhat connected. The emotions, thoughts, decisions made between you 2 somehow make it back to the people you love, but may not live anywhere near you. And the way you act toward your partner affects how other aspects of life flow. 

Bob Goff knew what he was stating when asked for advice to give to a newlywed couple, because I guess after 27 years of marriage, he knows the hurt, heartbreak, and hard times within marriage that really have an impact on EVERYTHING (and everyone) else. Be kind with your words, be thoughtful with the Love Language your husband or wife need, be respectful in how topics are brought up and discussions are started. Perfection is NOT what you’re trying to aim for, but you do want to try to be love you want your spouse to show you with. And through that, others can learn, grow, and maybe put this all into motion with their own lives and futures. 

You and I are human, but it doesn’t mean that it can be the go-to excuse for every mistake we make as people and within a relationship. There’s a need to pay attention and to think things over that can make or break a move you make in the middle of the marriage. Mistakes are okay, but making those mistakes always and without any effort in changing can cause the domino effect Bob was warning about in his response.


Have you experienced your own Domino Effect? When have you forgotten to take a step back and see how from within the marriage was effecting the outward loved ones? Feel free to always comment below or send an email my way at [email protected]


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