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The Marriage Series: A Little Space Please

Posted on November 11, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

They packed-up everything they didn’t sell into a tiny car, and headed all the way from Canada to Nashville, TN. No, this wasn’t a group of best friends, or even siblings who wanted to start the next start-up company. Freshly married, Jodi and her husband Chris made the ultimate couple decision: to leave the comforts of the familiar and follow God into the unknown, which they would have never thought would lead to a pretty exciting, and new, music career as the band Love and the Outcome

But that is exactly where God has led them, which gave them a chance to be at big Christian Music Conference, where I ended up chatting with them about the music, journey, and the big question I tend to ask: “What advice would you give any married couple, especially a newlywed duo?” Throughout all they’ve already gone through in 8 years of marriage, Jodi knew the answer to lay out there:


“Give each other a little bit of space to be who you are. But through that, encourage each other through those individual endeavors and goals.”


Being a couple doesn’t always mean that you end up enjoying the same things, or have the same personal goals either. Yes, Jodi and Chris may have had the same love and passion to pursue God through music. Yes, the two made the commitment together to sell their belongings and move to the U.S. But, Jodi made it very clear that they both have their own personal enjoyments, activities, and goals. Looking at my own marriage, I know the hubby tried knitting…and it wasn’t at all his thing. Yet he is a FAN of white water rafting, where I love the water…at a slow pace. 


To be completely the same in a marriage would probably make for some boring stories over time, and very quiet meals at dinner when your nest is an empty one. So encourage one another to flourish in their hobbies, their talents, maybe their personal, spiritual goals and growth. Be the cheerleader a best friend should be! And don’t be afraid to step out of the box for yourself and try something new that you can high-five with your loved one over. 



What activities do you enjoy that your spouse WOULD NEVER enjoy, yet supports you? Leave a thought below :) ~Nikki


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