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The End Result

Posted on February 21, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
91.3 KGLY East Texas Christian Radio Heard On Air Blog
David Brock
91.3 KGLY Morning Show

I love woodworking and woodcarving. It’s a great feeling to take part of a log or a piece of wood, put it on the lathe, and turn it into something that makes people smile when they look at it. Sometimes, they even like it enough to pay money for it and take it home with them. Bonus!

One thing I’ve found is that woodworking isn’t easy. I bought the tools and watched lots of YouTube videos, but for some reason, I didn’t instantly become a master. You see, those are all important pieces of the puzzle, but I didn’t start to improve until I took what I learned and started putting it into practice.91.3 KGLY East Texas Christian Radio Heard On Air Blog

I found out that I had to get my hands (and clothes) dirty. Mistakes, sometimes expensive ones, have been a consistent part of the process. Pain was involved from time to time, and I even got to the point where I thought seriously about giving up. Thankfully, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I knew if I wanted to improve, to one day become all that I can, I had to dust myself off, put a bandage on the wound, grab a new piece of wood and try again! I’m not there yet, and I still have to remind myself that the end result is worth the effort.

It’s just like our walk with God.

We can’t just buy a Bible, go to church, listen to a few sermons on YouTube and expect to be perfect. We have to study God’s Word, learn how to apply it, then put it into effect in our lives. We have to get our hands dirty serving God. We’ll make mistakes and some of them may be real doozies. We’ll get wounded along the way, and the enemy will do his best to push us to give up.
That’s when we have to remember giving up isn’t the answer! God doesn’t give up on us and His desire is to see us become all that He created us to be. Get up, dust off, let God heal the wounds, and keep growing!

Remember…the end result will be absolutely worth the effort!


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