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Sweet Summer Songs

Posted on July 17, 2019
By Nikki Martinez

Don’t worry our KGLY friends. While our sister station KVNE is celebrating summer with some new songs, we didn’t forget you as well. And these latest ones are NO JOKE!! Whether they bring you a moment of praise in your busy day, or a moment to reflect on a warm summer night, the latest from Riley, Lauren, and the re-make of Crowder’s hit will definitely be the new songs you were looking for.

Riley Clemmons, “Fighting For Me (Piano Version)”

She may be young, but don’t be fooled by her age. Riley is once again bringing her passion and heart for our living God in this latest song, reminding each one of us who REALLY has our back day by day. And if you catch her at a summer festival in the next few weeks, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll hear this one live. Fun fact: Riley actually practices her songs quite often while running on a treadmill to make sure she has enough energy to perform well on stage! That’s determination!! Here on KGLY, we’ve got the beautiful piano version of this track, and here’s the video for it!

Crowder, “Red Letters (Acoustic)”

Even though you’ve probably heard this track on KVNE or other places, we were able to find the stripped down, raw acoustic version just for you. Off his album, “I Know a Ghost,” this song has been one that’s stuck with quite a few listeners. And from what’s been heard through the grapevine, this also is a favorite for Crowder to play! But here he is with a little more info about the song…and some humor tossed in:

Lauren Daigle, “Rescue (Acoustic)”

Before our friends at KVNE get to listen to the produced version of this new one, it just felt right to share this beautiful live version Lauren was able to do with the help of her talented team. Being the 3rd song from her album, “Look Up Child,” this one may be the most emotional song on the CD, or maybe it just makes a few of us here a little emotional (in a good way of course).


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