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Summer Bucket List

Posted on May 29, 2018
By Fletcher Jonson
Carrie Parsons
91.3 KGLY Early Afternoons

Summer is here! We’re already starting to get calls on the morning show about the end of school and summertime! We are so excited that you get to have the summer off! When I was a kid I remember sleeping in as long as I possibly could, eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and snack…and snack…and snack (as often as I could). I also remember being really bored at times, and telling my mom how bored I was. “Mom, I’m bored!” In fact, we got a call this morning from a boy who is already bored since he’s out of school.

So, we’ve got a plan for you guys!

A summer bucket list – because you know what? It’s always good to have a plan.

Our summer bucket list has so many different things you can put on your bucket list! Things like flying a kite, squirt gun fights, or how about water balloon fights?

The thing is that we don’t want you to just print it off. Instead, go get some poster board and colored markers and make your own bucket list.

Draw some boxes for checkmarks and put the things on the list that you want to do this summer. Post it where you can see it and check them off your list as you do them. Have fun with your family, enjoy sleeping in, and enjoy that cereal!

Here are some ideas:
  1. Go to the beach or the park
  2. Build a sandcastle or make mud pies
  3. Catch Fireflies
  4. Eat snow cones
  5. Make lemonade
  6. Pick blueberries
  7. Pick blackberries
  8. Go swimming
  9. Grow a garden {vegetable or flower}
  10. Attend vacation Bible School
  11. Make Blackberry Cheesecake | Blueberry Muffins
  12. Make homemade cookies
  13. Go on a Picnic
  14.  Watch 4th of July Fireworks
  15. Play in sprinklers
  16. Camp out!
  17. Play on Slip ‘n Slide
  18. Make homemade ice-cream
  19. Eat watermelon outside ~ rub each other with sticky peels
  20. Build a fire, make s’mores
  21. Blow dandelions
  22. Go fishing
  23. Weekly family movie night
  24. Make homemade salsa with nachos
  25. Eat frozen custard
  26. Eat strawberry shortcake
  27. Weekly family game night
  28. Go on a hike
  29. Make clover masks and crowns or an owl mask
  30. Go bowling
  31. Make popsicles
  32. Have friends over for a cookout
  33. Visit the Library
  34. Fly kites
  35. Play hopscotch
  36. Catch Bugs
  37. Catch Frogs
  38. Play croquet
  39. Make homemade play dough
  40. Puppet Show
  41. Play card games
  42. Build an indoor fort or tent
  43. Throw frisbees
  44. Make homemade sidewalk chalk ~ have fun drawing a sidewalk mural
  45. Farmer’s Market
  46. Fold and fly paper airplanes
  47. Play cornhole
  49. Have a watermelon seed spitting contest
  50. Blow bubbles
  51. Watch a sports match
  52. Make root beer or a coke float
  53. Watch the clouds
  54. Dance in the rain
  55. Go to a baseball | football game
  56. Visit a museum
  57. Track the moon phases
  58. Make a birdfeeder
  59. Create a new sandwich recipe
  60. Play with water balloons
  61. See a family movie at the theatre
  62. Build a birdhouse
  63. Create a new PIZZA recipe!
  64. Ride bikes as a family
  65. WEENIE Roast – open fire
  66. Make trail mix
  67. Fondue dinner
  68. Water gun fight
  69. Have a mid-summer night celebration
  70. Make a flag out of painted rocks
  71. Treasure hunt {at the beach}
  72. Scavenger hunt {in the back garden}
  73. Piggy back rides
  74. Make a sundial
  75. Listen to music, make a cd/playlist
  76. Draw or paint flowers from our yard
  77. Popcorn {for dinner}
  78. Read Stuart Little
  79. Read Narnia
  80. Read fairy tales
  81. Watch cartoons under a cozy blanket
  82. Wash the cars | bicycles
  83. Go on a boat ride
  84. Make fun science projects {volcano}
  85. 85. Watch birds and learn 3 bird calls
  86. Water balloon fight
  87. Cook with Mom or Dad
  88. Write a poem
  89. Camp in your backyard

And let us know how it turned out! We’d love to see some photos and videos! Share them with us on our Facebook page!


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