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Slick New Tracks

Posted on February 7, 2019
By Nikki Martinez

How have you felt these past few weeks? I ask because this tends to be the time in the year where people can easily feel like failures if that New Years Resolution has started to fade away. I’m here to tell you, to remind you, that you are NOT a failure. But don’t take only my word for it…here are 2 new songs that hit the mark with that reminder! –Nikki Martinez

Carrollton, “Rebuilder”

They’ve been friends for years, and music has been a big bond between the guys from Cincinnati, OH…and Louisville, KY. That’s right, most days the guys live in 2 different states, BUT they meet right in the middle to write, record, and connect before heading back on the road, in the small town of Carrollton. Off their album, “Everything or Nothing,” this song is a beautiful anthem of hope, especially when we feel like we’re a lost cause.  

Joel Vaughn, “More Than Good Enough” (Acoustic Version)

In between being a husband and dad, Joel is also the Worship Leader at Victory Baptist Church in Tennessee, AND he’s been working on new music to take on the road this Spring. Here’s a little bit of Joel’s heart about this new song:


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