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Seeing the World Through a Child’s Eyes

Posted on March 29, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
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With so much happening in the world lately, it seems we’ve forgotten we all share this planet. The world seems cold, mean-spirited, dark, negative, unkind, lonely, and well – just plain ugly.

This may sound simple, but don’t we all need kindness, friendship, respect, humor, help, and love? So if we all need those things as humans, why is the world in such a bad mood?

Of course, we all have our own ways of looking at things. But I’m talking about being civil and respecting each other. I realize this sounds simple and child-like, but what if we could see the world through the eyes of our youth? Remember, we were kids once.

Why do we have to lose that child-like part of us that accepts others? What do you see when you look at the picture above?

Those precious children don’t see ugliness, differences, or color of skin. They just see a another person – a friend they love. Sure, they’re children, but why can’t the world be as accepting to each other as people? Loving each other even if they have totally different beliefs? Isn’t that what being a Christian means?

I choose to “shine my light” in the world so that all can see God in me!

Wanna join me?

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