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New Songs, Familiar Artists

Posted on March 6, 2019
By Nikki Martinez

Coming from hearts full of passion for our Father God, we love bringing you new songs like these 2. We know you love the singers, and we hope you enjoy their new music too!

Matt Maher, “Just As I Am”

He’s coming to share his heart and his music with our East TX pastors for this year’s Pastor Appreciation Lunch & Concert (which if you haven’t nominated your pastor yet, do it now HERE). And so we thought it would be wonderful to share a beautiful piano version of one of his latest songs, off his album “Echoes.”  And who knows, your pastor may get a chance to hear this one live (we’ll try to talk to Matt about it ;) )

Phil Wickham, “Till I Met You”

Known for his worship music, it’s always great to hear Phil Wickham take one of those big worship tracks and strip them down to just his voice and an instrument or 2. That’s definitely what he deliverers with this acoustic version of his new single, which he’ll probably re-record during his “Singalong 4” he’ll be doing in Irvine, CA! He’ll also be performing this song as he goes back on the road with the “Outcry Tour” starting in April. Here’s more about the song from Phil’s own words:


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