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July 25th Evening Show Recap

Posted on July 25, 2013
By Nikki Martinez


Free Sweet TeaSweet tea had me going tonight for sure!! Well, I guess that’s what happens when you give me 32 ounces of caffeinated yumminess FOR FREE (hopefully I’m not alone in this). If I sounded at all rushed tonight, my apologies for sure. But then again, I may have been the only one who felt life was going at 100 mph! With that being said, let’s re-focus on what went down on the show tonight, shall we?


*They could potentially rock your face off or move you to tears–Switchfoot is known to do both at concerts. And now, if you want to experience either of those, they’ll be coming to the Belcher Center in November. Tickets for the show (which includes a documentary showing beforehand) go on sale in August.


*Brushing your teeth is a good hygiene AND health-saving habit! Research has recently shown a correlation between gingivitis and pancreatic cancer. Note to self: make sure to floss and rinse extra each day!


*Britt Nicole is no longer a “Mom-to-Be.” As of yesterday, the songstress of “Gold” and other hits, is a mother to a little girl. HUGE Congratulations Britt!!

Britt Nicole


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