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July 23rd Evening Show Recap

Posted on July 23, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

A Happy Hot Dog Day to you! Okay, the whole month of July is  Hot Dog Month, but July 23rd is specifically the day for it…which probably quite a few forgot about. I was nicely reminded by Carrie Parsons to enjoy a ballpark favorite, seeing that I can’t see hot dogs in the same light ever again. A little bit about Nathan and I–our first date, and later where he proposed, was at a Hot Dog Diner :) Oh the fun franks!

But enough about food–let’s delve into the depths of the evening show fun:

*Mandisa is a busy lady, but knows how to have fun along the way. She definitely showed that in one of her recent posts about wrapping-up the music video for her new song, “Overcomer.” Can’t wait to see it!

Mandisa Taping


*Safety with seat belts seems to be top priority for the National Transportation Safety Board lately. Yes, they would love to see seat belts in all school buses across the country, but the NTSB wants to first get a pamphlet in your hand. As of today, they’ve voted to recommend Texas and 5 other states distribute brochures to children at school about the safety on bus rides.


*With a new album hitting stores August 27th, the guys of Jars of Clay are trying to channel their excitement by making plans for the not-so-distant future. They’re already planning concerts for the Spring…while on the road right now!


*What goes on in D.C. hardly ever stays right there. Definitely the case with the possibility of changes at Walmart, which could affect quite a few employees here in East Texas. Council members at the capitol are trying to force Walmart to pay their workers above minimum wage, across the board. Find out what other ideas are being tossed around HERE



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