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Is Life All about Being Happy?

Posted on May 31, 2018
By Fletcher Jonson
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Do you believe that our lives are solely focused on happiness? I believe for the most part, we measure how good our lives are by how happy we are. Does our happiness depend on what is happening in our life at that moment? Do you believe everything that makes you feel good is good for you?

What about the trials and storms we go through while living life? While those events aren’t happy, they can actually make us stronger, build our faith and give us chances to grow. Don’t you think that gives you more strength, growth, and stronger faith? Maybe at 20 it didn’t, but now, yes!

I certainly believe that God want us to be happy, but He wants more for us. God wants us to be happy in the storms too. He wants us to prosper and be whole in every area. So while we may be in a difficult season that isn’t necessarily making us happy, it could be working in favor of making us whole.

Be careful about decisions that you make just because you’re not happy. There’s a reason why God tells us NOT to lean on our understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Pray to God always, but especially when your feelings are leading you. The enemy uses our feelings as an area of weakness to drive us into places we shouldn’t be.

Our lives aren’t about our happiness.

Life is about so much more. It’s about growing in Christ. For a long time, I would not go to God to lead the way. I wasn’t leaning on Him and not trusting to God in my life. Big mistake! Have you learned to lean on and trust God in every aspect of your life? Those are much more meaningful and offer something much stronger and long lasting than happiness. Joy.

 You will show me the way of life. Being with You is to be full of joy. In Your right hand there is happiness forever. – Psalm 16:11

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