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Posted on January 30, 2018
By Fletcher Jonson
Amy Austin
91.3 KGLY Late Afternoons

Forgiveness can be the hardest thing to offer, especially when it hurts so much. Without forgiveness, though, we can’t move forward. We’re stuck!

God instructs us to forgive those who have hurt you. Remember, forgiveness doesn’t mean

  1. Condoning the offense. Isaiah 5:20
  2. Pretending that the offense never happened. 2 Samuel 12:9-13
  3. Allowing others to take advantage of you. Galatians 6:9
  4. Pardoning with no valid basis. Proverbs 23:11
  5. “Forgiving” every perceived slight. Ecclesiastes 7-9

Letting go of the hurt and anger can help us to keep calm, improve our health, and increase our happiness. More importantly, forgiving others is key to receiving God’s forgiveness for our sins. We are all imperfect. We want forgiveness when we have made mistakes as well. Try to forgive as soon as you can rather than letting the anger to fester.

If you forgive people their sins, your Father in heaven will forgive your sins also. — Matthew 6:14

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