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Evening Show Recap: July 22nd

Posted on July 22, 2013
By Nikki Martinez




How was your weekend? I know, once you start another week, the thought of actually having a weekend with stuff you’ve done could slip your mind. This weekend really couldn’t do that for me though, because I was constantly reminded of change every time I came across a mirror. Kicked off the weekend with going from THIS:






…to THIS! 





Yep, 18 inches later, it went away. I love my long hair, but sometimes you need a change. Speaking of change, some changes are happening around town, so let’s get to the wrap-up recap.



*The deadline for getting your film in for the Downtown Tyler Film Festival is coming up soon. The last day is August 1st to get those submissions in, with the festival and awards be given September 25th – 28th.


*Your Facebook messages could be getting lost in a folder called “Other.” Yes, your friend wasn’t ignoring your super-cool summer workout song list, she just didn’t get your message. For some, it could mean a few “SPAM” type emails, but we don’t want you to miss that important correspondence you’ve been waiting patiently for. Make sure to click on “Messages” and then find the tab that says “Other.”


*Make sure you plan on taking a detour, unless you enjoy traffic in the middle of Quitman. Maintenance work will be going on during the daylight hours on parts of Texas 37 and Texas 154 for about the next 10 days officials are predicting. For a few more details, check out HERE


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