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Evening Show Recap: college credit & remodels

Posted on July 9, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

After a day of go-go-go, you may not have the chance to sit and just listen to your favorite radio station (Wink Wink)! We get it, so it’s why I’ve come up with a small solution to give you a whole 5 hour show in a few paragraphs. Yes, you may miss the  on-air, very LIVE flubs, or the songs that keep you in the right state of mind and heart, but it happens sometimes.

So, to recap what was chatted about…

*This coming weekend (July 14th/15th), the Christmas in July Arts & Crafts Fair will be going down at the Rose Garden Center

College Credit


*As a Military Veteran, your service to this country could turn into legitimate college credit hours. It’s all part of the new College Credit for Heroes Program, which is huge for the 1.8 Million Veterans in Texas. HERE’S more about it



*Starting in December, your little nieces and nephews will have an extra set of cartoons to check-out on Netflix. The company will be launching Dreamwork’s TV Network: exclusive television shows shows on Dreamworks’ movies.


*Oh to NOT mess-up on a remodeling job you’re about to take on. Well, there is some hope with a few tips and ideas on the website Houzz. Plus, they include a chance for you to see what local professionals are in the area that could help


*The heat won’t being going away anytime soon here in East TX. But all’s good, thanks to cooling stations starting to open, thanks to our friends at the Salvation Army. You can also keep cool at the YMCA, Tyler Library, Glass Recreation Center, and the Tyler Senior Center. A little more info to help HERE!

Salvation Army


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