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Evening Show Recap: Babies & Bedtimes

Posted on July 10, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

I GOT A NEW PHONE!!! Okay, I feel so much better now that I told someone besides the hubby (he was the phone who found it for me). I know you probably aren’t concerned in my electronic improvements  in life, so let’s get on with some of the chit-chat talked about tonight:

*Time is almost here for Phil Wickham and his wife to welcome their 2nd little daughter. As he tweeted recently:
Phil Twitter





*The Better Business Bureau (BBB) will be extending a helpful hand to local non-profits with a workshop on July 30th at TJC

*After trying to get an actual human being on the phone instead of an automated machine so I could get my phone set-up, I stumbled across a website that brings you the info you need. Yes, you can grab the phone number for most businesses that will get you DIRECTLY to a person, at the website GetHuman.comIf I’m late to the game on this one, shame on me!

*They may kick and scream, fighting to get to sleep, but more study shows on why a regular bedtime is beneficial to your child. The more irregular your growing child’s sleep schedule is, the effects are worse on cognitive brain power. HERE is a little more about the medical information about the study.


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