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Don’t Worry. Be Human.

Posted on April 17, 2019
By Fletcher Jonson
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I’m reminded of a time when worry was a rare emotion. My biggest problem was getting my 3rd grade book report done in time. Even as a 9 year old, I had a God-given gift for procrastination.

Mrs. Wilson was a dynamic teacher with a giant personality and a penchant for keeping kids in line. My tendency to put off until tomorrow what I should do today regularly ran a collision course with Mrs. Wilson. If you showed up to class unprepared, she knew how to make you wish you’d faked sick that day.

So I worried. 

I could have done something about it. Instead, I thought about the problem. As time marched on and the deadline loomed, the waning minutes were in direct proportion to my level of anxiety.

By now you may be thinking, “This is an easy fix. You had control of the situation. Your worry was needless.”

And you’d be right. Even today, how often do we allow controllable situations to get us in a tizzy? 

These days, I’ve gotten much better at it. I’ve become adept at grown-up worry. What about my health? What about my kids? My grand-kids? My job? Finances? Relationships? Some of these issues are within my power to influence. Others, not so much.

But uncontrollable situations aren’t any better. Just as if you can help a situation, there’s no need to worry, likewise, if there’s nothing you can do, why fret?

So no matter what your quandary, worry helps nobody. Especially you. It’ll wear you down like sand in a machine, slowly eroding away your health, your mind, your joy. 

If there’s a situation you’re not sure how to face, first give the problem to God. He can guide you to what you can do. And if you can do nothing, he has a way of taking care of you in ways you never saw coming.

So even though I’m now a seasoned procrastinator, and still as liable as anyone to put on the worry cap, I’m learning there’s no need to dread any modern day Mrs. Wilson. She’s just there to help. 

And there’s a good chance God put her there to get your attention.

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