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Dealing with the "New Parent" Exhaustion

Posted on November 7, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

It’s your first go around with a bundle of joy being adding to your little family of 2. You feel blessed, happy, yet nothing can stop the exhaustion you’re experiencing EVERY night it seems. 

Even though I haven’t had a child myself yet, helping your single sister with her newborn in the middle of the night, for weeks on end, really does come close!! I love my nephew, and he was such a precious baby, but I know my sister is SO happy he’s going to be 4 years old soon. Exhaustion is no fun for anyone, so how do you beat those always-dragging-days? Writer Mary Fischer has a couple of tips (both serious and silly) to get you, or those sweet parents who go to your church, through some of the most tiring times in a new parent’s life:

Invest in Ear Plugs

Hey, if you can’t hear the wailing down the hall, then it doesn’t actually exist, right?


Crank Up the TV

If there are a bunch of different noises happening, it will basically sound like white noise. That should lull you right to sleep.


Triple Up on the Caffeine

Hey — maybe if you down coffee all day, you’ll be so wired that you really won’t need the extra sleep.


Get a Room

Your husband won’t mind if you check into a hotel once or twice a month. Really.


Go to Bed Earlier

This isn’t just a trick the “Elders” of the family use! Also, a nap sometime during the day when your baby is actually asleep isn’t a bad idea



If your husband doesn’t know where you are, then he has to get up with the baby. Find a cozy spot to curl up, and sleep the night away — he won’t mind a bit.


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