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Christian Music Can Inspire and Encourage

Posted on July 26, 2017
By Fletcher Jonson
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Amy Austin
91.3 KGLY Late Afternoons

Most of us have heard of the television show called “X Factor,” where contestants sing for the prize. Some of you would even recognize Simon Cowell as one of the judges. Simon is known as a “say it like it is” judge. Sometimes his criticism are extremely hateful and hurtful. But retired Christian singer Jennifer decided she would step out and prove that Christian music can be as impactful, fun, and awesome as secular tunes.

Jennifer just proved to the world, what Christians already knew – it inspires, changes hearts and definitely can groove!

Here’s Jennifer as she sings Mary Mary’s “Shackles”

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” — Philippians 4:13

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