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Cell Phone Manners

Posted on September 24, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Phone double-fisting


Let’s get one thing straight….Cellphones are a pretty sweet invention! Yes, pagers we’re pretty nifty and certainly helped relay an urgent need to call someone, but the cellphone takes the gold in communication. But no matter how great an invention is, there’s always a drawback in the form of someone ruining it for everyone else. The non-stop talkers, the texting-while-driving crazies, and the irritating App enthusiasts—it can get too much too fast with these folks. But there is hope to keep you from crossing these lines or more, making sure you’re mature with your mobile phone moments.


Blogger Nicole Fabian-Webber describes them as the 7 Deadly Sins of Cellphone Users, so let’s see if we’re guilty of any of these and how to keep away from them in the future:


1. Talking on your phone at the gym. Come on, dude on the elliptical yapping away about some “super important business deal”. Save it for the car ride home. People go to the gym to release stress. Listening to your sweat-encoded blabbering is the opposite of relaxing. It’s annoying.

2. Answering your phone on a first date. My husband actually did this (on our second date, which is basically just as bad). His brother was just calling to say hey, and for whatever reason, he answered it and proceeded to have a 15-minute convo about nothing while I sat there, wondering if I should wait to eat. He later apologized and chalked it up to just being nervous, which, let’s get real here, is kind of adorable. But dudes and ladies, leave the phone in the car when you’re on a date.

3. Speaker phone in public. Never a good idea. That’s why earpieces were invented.

4. Being the person who’s attached to their phone … yet never answers their phone.While I wouldn’t say I’m attached to my phone per se, I admit, I don’t always answer it. And I know it annoys people. Sorry. I’ll work on that.

5. Leaving your phone on in the movie theater. I honestly don’t know how people forget to silence their phones during movies. There’s a giant screen with super loud audio that tells us to turn them off. Or did you miss that because you were texting?

6. Checking your phone literally any time you have a spare second. Phones are social crutches, I get that. But try taking a minute to just … be when you’re in line at the grocery store or waiting for a friend. You can get back to checking Instagram later. You won’t miss anything.

7. Being the person who uses their phone while they’re driving. Does this one even need explaining?


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