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August 7th Evening Show Recap

Posted on August 7, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Not sure about you, but did it not feel like the Wednesday came and went? Not sure if it was because a good chunk of the day was one full of getting more name-change things taken care of (almost 5 months married and STILL there’s confusion about my new name)! But maybe it wasn’t the case for you, a day full of going and going until the caffeine ran out and the job got done.

As everything was moving today, here are a few things that may have zoomed by you on the show:


  • Another new and unique treat is out from a fast-food chain. It’s called Chicken And Waffles Tenders, and Popeye’s is the company behind this invention. The idea was to take the crazy, comfort-food combo, and put it in the form of a tender. Supposedly, it was accomplished, dipping Popeye’s’ seasoned chicken into waffle batter, and then frying!


*Congratulations to mister Joel Smallbone, better known as one half of the band for King & Country. Without attracting too much attention, Joel married singer Moriah Peters exactly a month ago from today! Love the newlyweds (okay, maybe because I am one myself).

joel and moriah - https://twitter.com/4kingandcountry/status/365270306992054272/photo/1


  • We already know that when it comes to money, smokers tend to lose a little more then non-smokers do, predominantly because of the “habit” costing so much. But new research shows that smokers also make less money then non-smokers do – an average of 20% lower! That must hurt doubly for sure.


  • The heat is getting to quite a few people, maybe even yourself. And with now burn bans in effect across quite a few counties here in East Texas, a new initiative is encouraging Texans to take pictures of some of the effects, mainly the droughts happening everywhere. The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB), and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) want you and I to post pictures we personally take of droughts across Texas, whether through Flickr, Instagram, or others. Hash-tagging it with #TXDrought is also a great way to make this known.


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