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Afraid of the Dark

Posted on August 20, 2018
By Fletcher Jonson
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When I was a child, I was so afraid of the night and darkness. I had such a vivid imagination. My parents would try to help me. Night after night, they would come into my room and show me there was nothing outside or in my room that would hurt me. My fear was so real and I struggled for years.

My parents would pray with me every night and quote Scripture with me. We would pray that God would protect me from harm.

“God, the creator of the world, tells us to “fear not, and that we are precious to Him. He has created us and saved us. He knows us and calls us by name. We are His children. Whatever we go through, we can be sure that God is always with us. He walks with us every day. Just remember that God is always with us. He walks with us every day. Remember the next time you feel afraid, God is standing right by your side and He will walk with you. Keep calling out to Jesus and He will there. He loves you and you are precious to Him. Don’t be afraid when you know Jesus is by your side. Greater is He that it is you than he that is in the world.” Isaiah 45:1-5

Here are some tips for comforting your child:
  • Nightlight – helps to light the room, but not so much that the child can’t sleep.
  • Listen to what your child is scared of. Sometimes it could be a spat with a friend or worry about something they heard you say.
  • Reading a short story or poem
  • Softly sing a song like “Jesus loves me”.
  • Comfort your child until they fall back asleep. My Daddy would rub my back softly to help me go back to sleep.
A Prayer for You!

Lord, please come and be with me when I am afraid.
Take my fear away from me.
Please fill me with more faith.

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