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Activities to Pick the Summer Up!

Posted on July 10, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

It’s July, and all the summer activities the kids wanted to do were done in a matter of 2 weeks. So now you hear, “I’m BORED,” on repeat and are about to pull your hair or someone’s hair out. Have no fear! There are still things that can get the kids to giggle and keep them active through these next few weeks. Thanks to Michele Zipp at The Stir for these fun, no-school ideas:

1. Have fun with sidewalk chalk. Hopscotch, massive tic-tac-toe, drawing contests, creating roads for the tricycles, drawing boats or spaceships so everyone can take off — there are so many uses for sidewalk chalk. Get creative!

2. Make a kite. Crafting a kite that will take off into the sky is very exciting for a kid. Get out the markers or paints to decorate the wings, then put your very own kite together for flight on a breezy day.

3. Have a garage sale. Let your kids go through their things and decide what they are ready to part with and sell at a garage sale. Set prices together and decide on a family treat with the profits or individual presents with the money made.

4. Put up a lemonade stand. Much of the fun that goes into the lemonade stand is creating the stand itself. Make a colorful and enticing sign, choose exciting cups, and of course make the lemonade super tasty. Have muddled strawberries and blueberries on hand to make the lemonade even sweeter.

5. Make sushi together. Even if your family doesn’t eat raw fish, you can learn to make sushi with cucumber, carrots, and avocado. The fun is in the preparation and putting together each sushi roll. It’s like an art project with a delicious reward delivered via chopsticks.

6. Go to an outdoor concert. Many towns offer free (or low cost) open air concerts you and your family can enjoy together. Bring a blanket and don’t forget to dance dance dance!

7. Check out an outdoor movie. Sure the indoor movie theater has air conditioning, but outdoor movies offer a better sense of community. Just like the outdoor concert, pack a blanket and even your own popcorn or snacks, and enjoy. Head out for ice cream after to discuss favorite parts.

Science Museum Fun

Science Museum in Sacramento

8. Go on a hike. Take a nature walk with the family with each of you finding your own hiking sticks in the woods and explore the dirt, bugs, animals, trees, and whatever else is on your path.

9. Take in a museum. On those super hot and unbearable summer days, head to a museum together. Many offer interactive kid exhibits, as well.

10. Go bowling — bonus points if you join a family league. If you can commit the time, a family bowling league is great for bonding. So is going on one of those disco nights. Either way … go team!


~Any ideas of fun with the family you’ve come up with? Comment here or message me at [email protected]


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