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What's Your Family Look Like?

Posted on September 18, 2014

What kind of family is yours? Is everything perfectly in its place in your house? Or is there a messy lived-in chaos? Are the expectations and rules so high, that there’s no room to fail? Or is there forgiveness? I’d like everything to be perfectly clean and my kids to give 100 percent and pursue their dreams. I want to be able to have dinner on the table at a decent hour and the dishes done before bedtime and laundry finished (it never is!) and make ends meet and always be able to communicate effectively with my husband. But, things are FAR from perfect! And that’s why there’s grace. God demonstrated it when he forgave us. So, we should model that in our homes. Be real, make mistakes, say you’re sorry, give second chances, have fun, give hugs, forgive and love. That’s family!