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Wedding Fonts Anyone?

Posted on July 2, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

You may not remember all the details or your wedding day, but for some reason there are people around you who attend that do! I didn’t think this was possible until I started going to a few myself, where the glass Dr. Pepper bottles, fan-like programs, and bubbles instead of rice stood out to me. And then comes my own wedding, where I can only pray people enjoyed the small touches my family included.  It’s the same thing I hope my friend Ashley isn’t stressing about, seeing her’s is in less than 24 hours!

Yes, weddings are going on during the summer and are being prepared for, so if you’re wanting some details to shine, it could be as simple as the font for the invites! And to help, here are a few websites that offer FREE Fonts for you to download and plaster an all written things (thanks to GeekSugar’s Nicole Nguyen):


  • Font Squirrel — The ultimate resource for free fonts licensed for commercial use and personal. Font Squirrel has a great selection of elegant script and calligraphic options.
  • Behance — The graphic design showcase isn’t just an online portfolio for conceptual digital work; it’s also a great place to find beautiful free fonts from up-and-coming designers too.
  • Open Font Library — This home for open-source fonts promotes all freedoms as related to the use of type. Anyone is free to use, study, share, and remix the fonts available on the site. Sofia is a fresh take on traditional script, and Caledo is a dramatic, bold choice for a more formal event.
  • MyFonts — The site claims to have the “largest collection of fonts,” and while most of the fonts aren’t free, MyFonts does have a selection of incredible, progressional-grade type that’s available without charge. Mimix, for example, is $0 for personal use, but costs $39 for commercial applications, and Bergamot’s ornaments are free, but the lettering costs $10 and up. Poke around, and you’ll find some incredible downloadables.