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Warmer Weather, So Let’s Picnic!

Posted on April 19, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Minus the cold spells we’ve been having recently here in East Texas, spring is upon us and weekends of outdoor time can be just around the corner. To celebrate those fun times waiting to happen, here are a few ideas of what to take when you decide a picnic is needed

  1. A picnic blanket but, like, a good one. Why bring a thin, ratty old sheet when you can bring a comforter? Don’t tell me you don’t have an old double or queen-size comforter in the basement that could stand to get a little dirt and potato salad on it, then be washed. The extra padding it provides goes a long way; plus, kids think it’s super fancy they’re eating on a cloud.
  2. Easy to eat food. Anything too saucy is a nightmare. Stick to chilled pastas and salads. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a good hoagie.
  3. Drinks and cups. So easy to forget the cups, so yeah, don’t. And make sure the ice in your cooler that’s meant to be put in drinks is kept in a plastic bag, separate from the rest. It’ll stay cleaner that way when the ketchup explodes.
  4. Fun snacks. The kids could be upset if you only bring carrots and celery sticks, so try and have a little fun with the snacks, even if it means paying extra. Kale chips are a thing now, same with nori and rice cakes. Also, a bag of peanut M&Ms never killed anyone.
  5. Entertainment! The eating part of the picnic takes about three seconds (for the kiddos, anyway), so make sure they have plenty to do while you finish off your yummy grilled cheese. Surprise them with that new toy they’ve been asking for, and pack a softball, beachball, and Frisbee.
  6. Bring water balloons, only if you’re brave. Fill those babies up pre-picnic and keep ’em safely hidden in the car. Then, when they least expect it, assault the little ones. No? Ok, have them do a water balloon toss.
  7. Bring shaving cream, only if you’re super brave. If you’ll be picnicking near a water source in which kids can rinse off, employ them with a shaving cream beard contest.
  8. Sunscreen. Lather up the little rug-rats after lunch to avoid bringing home total rednecks.
  9. Awesome pants. There are pants made specifically for picnicking, and I think you need them, like, ASAP.

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