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Teaching Kids Self-Discipline

Posted on September 10, 2014

As a mom with three kids, now grown and on their own, I’ve had to do a lot of nagging and reminding and fussing at my kids over the years for them to do what they needed to do…chores, homework, practice, college essays, getting up on time… For some reason, one word from Dad was all it took to get motivated. Dads just have that TONE!!! Well, here’s some great advice from All-Pro Dad on ways to teach children self-discipline:

1. Structured Routine.

Organized and consistent structure breeds discipline. By setting a designated time for homework to be completed each day, the routine will become a natural habit.

2. Committed Determination.

Persistence and determination are the keys to any form of success. Leading by example, we can teach our children that seeing a commitment to its completion is an important character trait to develop.

3. Learn the Fundamentals.

Use one of their personal heroes as an example of hard work and reaching goals. It takes passionate hard work and tedious hours of practice to become skilled at anything.

4. Enforce Consequences.

There must be a consequence to failure and it must be enforced. Punishment should always fit the action and should never be given emotionally. Make it clear from the start and calmly hand it down when required.

5. Praise and Reward.

A Reward Jar for younger children and allowances for older children are just a few ways to provide a reward for a job well done. Our children love to receive our praise, so give it liberally when deserved.

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