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Sometimes it’s a matter of putting down what lifts you up.

Posted on February 24, 2014
By Fletcher Jonson
  1. One of the things I’m trying to learn in my new place in life is that you cannot reach out and take the gifts God is trying to give you if you are clutching all of the old stuff YOU think you should have or need.   You want to be open to what God may be offering you, but sometimes it’s a matter of putting down what lifts you up.  The things you’ve wanted, thought you needed or had to have are in the way of what you have coming that is new.    In order to get what God has ready to hand you – you’re going to have to be willing to trust Him enough to believe it’s more important to have this new thing, than to grasp the old to your chest like it’s a life vest and you’re leaving the Titanic!  
    It’s like God is saying, ” You’re gonna have to put that down, Baby, or you’ll drop all of it and not have any of the wonderful things that are yours too!”
    On one hand, I get it…but sometimes …I feel like I’m having to pry my hands off of things I WANT.. instead of just letting go of them so I can open my hand (and arms) to the things God would lay into my life.  Even when there’s a part of me that knows that He promises what He has for me is better than I could even imagine for myself! –  I stand with my arms filled with all of the “old” stuff I want to hang on to, as bits of it and chunks of the “new” – even better stuff – drops to the floor and shatters!
    You see, we can’t carry all of it.  We can’t keep piling more into our arms with a defiant – “MINE!” and remain open to “HIS” for us.  We have to put down the old to pick up the new.  But, here’s the rub, it’s not just once or twice in our lifetime.  We may be called to put down even the good things we’ve held dear that have lifted us up in tough times.  Otherwise we can’t reach out for the new that God holds out to us.  One way or another something will drop away.
    Before you start to think I’ve achieved some sort of new wisdom for me,  even though I understand this concept – it d

    oesn’t mean that I’m getting this right in my own life yet. As Paul said  in Phillippians, “Not that I’ve already obtained it, but I press on….”