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So far Tyler has been an experience – For me and for Tyler!

Posted on March 10, 2014
By Fletcher Jonson

I’ve been in Tyler now for about a month.  It’s a great town and everyone has been so friendly.  The experience, however, hasn’t always been easy– For me, or for Tyler!

I’ve already met three of Tyler’s finest.  First, for listening to my GPS and turning onto a One Way street that wasn’t going my way!  That officer was so very nice and it was so very obvious that I wasn’t from around here that he simply made sure I was reoriented to go the right direction and he bid me good afternoon.

Second, I found another of our men in uniform astride a motorcycle a block from where I was hoping to find an apartment.  Apparently, my expired inspection sticker caught his attention; his lights and siren caught mine.  My eyes teared up when he asked for my current address to fill out the ticket because , at that point,  I’d been searching for weeks and still was homeless. However, he was not moved by my despair and simply used my last known address on the ticket —  and bid me a good afternoon.  (for those concerned, I’ve already remedied the inspection sticker issue and am compliant again)

So, the third time to meet an officer?  I had decided to give my friend a tour of the station on the weekend.  I unlocked the door and then couldn’t get the alarm code correct and … “AAAAUGH”!  The siren starts blaring and by the time I got the right code in — the  officer was at the door.  I had to convince him that I worked here and was just too new to know the correct code fast enough.  He looked at me like I was not rowing with both oars –  if you know what I mean – but then bid me a good afternoon.

So, let me see…One and a half months in Tyler – three encounters with the men who keep law and order in the town.  I’m thinking I may be making more of an impression on my new hometown than I’d intended!  I’m hoping to do better as I get more used to Tyler and Tyler gets more used to me.  But, for now,  I bid you a good afternoon!

Susie O —


** (just to be clear, all three of the officers were very professional in their dealings with me and justified too)