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Loving on Reagan

Posted on June 4, 2014

Kristi and Reagan

May 31: Friends and family are praying for Reagan Luck of Mount Pleasant. She’s a nursing student at Northeast Texas Community College and after complaining of headaches, doctors discovered a tumor in her brain the size of a ping pong ball. Her family was blindsided by the devastating news and the fear of what might be ahead for this beautiful young woman, whose smile lights up a room and warms your heart. Reagan underwent brain surgery at ETMC Tyler to remove the tumor on May 28. Reagan’s positive, optimistic outlook inspired everyone, but we also knew what a roller coster of emotions she was riding. Just recently sharing her joy over passing her nursing classes, looking forward to her next semester of college and starting her career in medicine, she now clung to her faith, God’s plan for her life and His promise to never leave her. Yet, waves of fear washed over her as she faced the toughest test of her life. Her mom, Kristi, has been sharing her fears, her prayers, the bad news, and has asked friends to send scripture cards to wallpaper her daughter’s room. She acknowledged the peace of feeling God’s presence and the prayers that were breathed Heavenward for her precious daughter while the reality of what was ahead gripped her heart. She talked about the little life moments, like sipping their favorite Sonic drinks the night before the surgery and sharing some laughs as a family. In the midst of it all, she could find humor. Today, she posted some things she’s learned about staying by Reagan’s bedside in the hospital 24/7. She wrote:

-I’ve drank all the nurses coffee every night!
-I’m tired of sodas
-Cafeteria food still stinks
-No one gets to sleep in the hospital except the patient
-Not eating and not sleeping then proceeding to ride in an elevator and walk the skybridge is not a very good idea!
-Anesthesia will make you say some weird stuff!
-Liquid creamer is much better in coffee than powder.
-Never underestimate the happiness a toothbrush can bring you.
-ICU rooms are too small. I understand it’s all about the patient but I’m still not leaving.
-Yes, nurse I will ask you every time what you are doing, what you are giving her, etc….and yes, you may call me Mom.
-Where’s the coffee?
-You really can sleep in a chair sitting up.
-The greatest thing about my phone is the off button!
-I’ve decided Reagan is moving her bed into my bedroom when we get home.
-I’ve never been more thankful for a boyfriend sleeping over in all my life.

Hang in there, mom. God is holding on to you. Hold onto him with all your might!

I Am – Crowder

June 2: Praising God today for answered prayers and sending hugs to a beautiful lady! Reagan Luck is on her way home to Mount Pleasant today! She underwent surgery last week to remove a brain tumor and the doctors and her family witnessed a miracle. She had been scheduled for a second surgery to remove a remaining piece of the tumor, but another MRI showed no trace of it! It was just gone! The doctors were amazed and Reagan and her family are rejoicing in that. Reagan will still have to go through chemotherapy and radiation, so she is still in much need of our prayers, but her prognosis for a full recovery is good. We are praising God for this wonderful news!

Reagan, remember Psalm 31:24 “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”

You know what faith can do!

What Faith Can Do – Kutless

June 23: Update on Reagan: Her mom, Kristi, shared that final pathology results showed the tumor doctors in Tyler removed was cancerous. The doctors believe that 100 percent of the tumor is gone. If that’s the case she’ll begin radiation treatment as a preventive measure to kill any residual cancer cells. Her mom, Kristi, says, “I believed with everything in me that God could have made it benign, but God has something else in mind. We do feel your prayers and ask that you keep them coming.”

June 28: Update on Reagan: Her mom, Kristi, shares that they will go back to Tyler July 2 for a repeat MRI and visit with the neurosurgeon. They will meet with the oncologist on July 10th to schedule radiation treatments. She also shared more good news: Reagan’s double vision was corrected by using prism lenses in glasses. She says, “We are hoping ( well SHE is hoping) to be released next week to drive again and she’ll graduate from nursing school very soon!” While her daughter’s story has had a good turn of events…even miracles, Kristi says she’s been reminded of many stories of hurting families dealing with cancer. She says, “I can’t describe the peace we have, but most days it carries us through. There are moments and I suppose that’s normal. There are questions and I guess that’s normal, too. I’m learning to take each day when it comes. Put one foot in front of the other. Love unconditional. Forgive and be happy.”

Beautiful Things – Gungor

July 19 Update on Reagan: Well, I have an awesome praise report to share from Reagan Luck’s mom, Kristi. Reagan got the best news she could have received this week! Kristi shared this update on Wednesday, July 16, saying “I get chills posting this. Our God is awesome! We saw the neurosurgeon today. After speaking to the oncologist and radiation doctor, Reagan doesn’t need radiation or chemotherapy. 100 percent of the tumor is GONE. She can resume all activities. Dr. Graham bragged on her about graduating college, and called her a miracle. I do say so! Our Miracle is headed home and Praise God, we aren’t coming back until late October for a checkup!”

Kristi shared with me that when they got in the car to come home, the song playing was Healing Hand of God! Please continue to cover this beautiful young woman with prayer for a bright future, nursing career and life free of cancer! Her faith and the faith of her family has inspired so many! I’ve been so honored to be able to share her journey with you!

Healing Hand of God – Jeremy Camp

Here’s the link to Kristi Luck’s Caring Bridge blog:
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