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KVNE Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 3

Posted on June 18, 2014
By Carrie Parsons

It’s day three for our Guatemala team, and we’re starting to work on projects like murals, building shelves, painting a sports court for the kids and vacation bible school. By now we are really getting to know the children and why they came to the Little House of Refuge. I spent some time with Odalis, she is 14 years old and has been at the orphanage about a year. She comes from an abusive home, and has her 3 year old daughter Esther here as well. Odalis is learning to read, she likes to cook and help around the house. She often feels alone and unwanted – a lot of the children feel like that because of coming from bad situations at home. That’s why our vacation bible school focus for the girls this week is about how special we are to God. We used beautiful butterflies to share “En Christo Somas Nuavas Criaturas”, In Christ we are new creations. Just like a caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly, when we accept Christ into our hearts we become new, beautiful creations. Tomorrow I’ll share about the boys VBS.

Guatemala mural Guatemala ODalis