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KVNE Guatemala Mission Trip – Day 1

Posted on June 18, 2014
By Carrie Parsons


Our first day we flew into Guatemala City, where we visited Precious Moments, a school and orphanage.  It’s in a very poor part of the city. I have to admit this was poverty like I had never seen before. I didn’t think about that for long though, because as we came in all of the children were so excited to see us. It surprised me a little that they would just come up and hug me. The children sang songs for us, in Spanish of course so we didn’t know any of them…until they started singing Jesus loves me – and when they finished they wanted to hear us sing it in English. As we sang – they did the hand motions – it was beautiful! Then we had play time & snacks with the children and then they all lined up to receive the socks and undies that you generously gave. You would have thought we were giving them toys if you’d seen the smiles on their faces. Martha, the sweet woman who takes care of all of these children, has a smile that seems to shine Jesus’ light without her saying a word. You know, I was a little worried about the language barrier – how could we share the love of Jesus when we didn’t understand each other? But when these children hugged me, and our eyes met, I realized that there is no language barrier. Love is a universal language!  guat 2 guat 3Guatemala Precious Moments2