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Just Call Me Pops

Posted on September 26, 2013
By Mike Harper

Everybody told me I’d like being a grandpa. They were WRONG!I LOVE, LOVE it. Our boy Owen is one year old now and he has changed my life!

The standard line was, “When you’re a grand parent, you get to spoil ’em, then send ’em home!

That’s a fun thought, but there’s so much more to it! First of all, I don’t want to send him home!

But more than that, this little miracle in our life has given me a new perspective on the big picture. To borrow a phrase, “The Circle of Life”. Our family is moving into the next generation. All the more important now that I leave a legacy of love, of family, and making God obvious during my days on earth. But then, that was true all along, wasn’t it?

Owen has given Lois and I a gift like no other, and he has no idea he’s done it! He lights up a room with his smile, his laugh, and his little hip-swing dance! The joy being his grandpa is a feeling that words can’t describe. But Owen could sum it up well if one day soon when he speaks his first words, he says, “Hi Pops!”

a owen dance