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How to Win the Fruit Fly War

Posted on October 4, 2014

Are you battling a swarm of fruit flies in your kitchen? Every time I’ve had them, I’ve followed the source back to a rotten potato in the bin! So get rid of rotting fruit and vegetables first!

Here’s a few other tips from Budget101.com to avoid those pesky pests:

1. Keep counter-tops clean!
2. Use a Fan because it makes it hard for them to land!
3. Keep your sink drains covered because they will reproduce in sink pipe drains overnight!
4. Keep Recycling and Trash bins clean or covered.
5. Don’t store composting scraps in the kitchen.
6. I know you want to throw the windows open with this nice weather, but fruit flies can fit through the screens! So, keep the doors and windows closed!

7. Click the link below and whip up this concoction and trap those little fruit loving beasts!


Fruit Fly Trap


Have a Fabulous Fruit Fly-Free Fall! :)