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God Dynasty

Posted on January 15, 2014
By Mike Harper

Who’d a thunk it? A redneck would become my hero…I got on the Duck Dynasty train late. We started watching in 2013 and have been catching up ever since! I have been so impressed with this family and their devotion to God and each other, and staying true to their values. And they’re HILARIOUS!

I had a feeling the bigger they got, the greater the scrutiny, and sure enough, the darts came.  But even after all the controversy over Patriarch Phil Robertson speaking frankly when asked about his beliefs, their popularity has only sky-rocketed.

But as Phil has noted, their show won’t last forever. Soon it’ll all be over, and they will be free to do what they are called to do, point people to Jesus. And now they’ve got a huge platform to do that. Their influence will be felt years to come. I know they’ve influenced this city boy! I’ve decided to learn to fish, so I can teach my grandson! I’m hooked!