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Fun Fall Date Ideas

Posted on September 9, 2014

If you’re ready for fall and you want to spark a little romance in your relationship, how about planning some fun fall dates?

-Make S’mores by the fireplace or while you cozy up by a bonfire.
-Have a Thermos Picnic with some steaming soup or cocoa for two on a chilly fall day.
-Rake and play in the leaves. You’re never too old for that!
-Go on a Hay Ride together.
-Go Berry or Apple Picking and then come home and make a pie together. My husband made a wonderful blackberry cobbler with wild blackberries that grew near our house!

-Go on a Fall Foliage Drive. We know East Texas is great for that when the trees start to turn.
-Go to a Fall Festival or County Fair. Lots of those around this time of year!
-Go on a Sunrise or Sunset Date. Grab a blanket and a thermos of cocoa and head to the park!

Yes, this is obviously a list made by women! So ladies, even if you’re not a fan, add one for the guys!

-Go to a Football Game or make some snacks and watch it on TV together! I know some women who are bigger football fans than their husbands!

Just find some unique ways to spend time together!


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