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Evening Show Recap: July 15th

Posted on July 15, 2013
By Nikki Martinez




Getting side-tracked during a show usually isn’t a problem.

But when lightening and THIS is in front of the studio window, all you can do is try to stay on topic without constantly thinking about what to do if the power goes out again!

Besides the rain, here’s what else went on tonight during the show:


*Good news for dogs everywhere. Now, when you leave your sweet pooch at home, if you have DirectTV, you’ll be able to switch over to DogTV. It’s a new channel the company is developing that will bring 3-5 minute clips of “relaxation” and “stimulation” that a dog likes while inside the house.


*Smith County is trying to give you an extra hand and clean-up the area just a little more starting this week! Going on until July 27th, citizens in Smith County will have a chance to trash their, well, trash and bulky items at Greeenwood Farms Landfill for free. Vouchers are available to the public, good for one free visit to the Landfill, and available at all Justice of the Peace and Constable Precinct offices or at the Smith County Courthouse Annex, suite 100.


*Nominations are open and accepted until August 16th, all part of the Athletic Hall of Fame. The Tyler ISD opened nominations today, with qualified candidates either former athletes, coaches, teams or someone who’s contributed to the athletic program. To pick-up a slip or find out more, slips are at TylerISD.org