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Duck Call

Posted on March 25, 2014

10-year-old Josh was really missing his dad. He’d been gone seven months, missing the everyday stuff that fathers and sons share. Talks, playing catch, just hanging out. It’s hard on a kid that age, even if he has a big brother to turn to. He tried to be strong for his mom, too. He’d hear her crying at night and praying that he’d come home safe. At the same time, even though he was afraid because of where his Dad was, he was so proud of what he was doing, serving his country.

Josh marked the days off on his calendar, counting them down until his Dad’s last tour in Afghanistan was over and he’d be home, the family whole again. The last seven days, he started to get really excited. And, a trip to the Duck Commander warehouse was cool treat to meet Willie Robertson and the Duck Dynasty gang. But, what he wasn’t expecting amid the hunting camo-clad group, was a man dressed in camo from head to toe. An Army uniform. His dad! He ran to him and hugged with all his might!

Master Sgt. Scott Schreck had met the Robertsons during a USO tour and his older son, Joseph, emailed Willie Robertson, asking him to arrange the reunion. Sgt. Schreck called it “a special one, a good memory.”

Good call, Duck Commander!

Military Dad Surprise Reunion