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Double Blessing

Posted on March 19, 2014

Kirsten got an unexpected blessing after her breakfast out with a group of friends. She thought her party might have disrupted a quiet couple dining near them, so she picked up their tab.

Well, her pay it forward gesture did more than possibly ease a financial burden. She found out why when she read a note left by their server, Stephanie.

It read, “I just wanted to tell you that you did an amazing thing paying for that table’s breakfast. They are in town because that man just lost his brother. So you lifted their spirits, even if for a moment.”

Stephanie, the server, was working her shift that day on the anniversary of losing someone special, so the kind gesture touched her life as well. Kirsten was overwhelmed with tears when she read the note of thanks.

So, listen to your heart when God prompts you to be his hands and feet. Look around you. Somebody needs a light you have.

Song used on air: Pushing Back the Dark – Josh Wilson