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Do They Sell Big Enough "Thank You" Cards?

Posted on April 16, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

When it comes to warm welcomes, I can honestly say that East Texas knows how to do it, and so do my new co-workers. But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised, being originally from Texas, and growing-up with the well-known custom of southern hospitality (and the looks if you DIDN’T extend it)

To walk-in to this was by far the sweetest way any employee can start the day:

Walking in the first day











And then to have this Countdown Clock on the station website was HILARIOUSLY wonderful–all I could say was WOW about 20 times, beaming the whole time:

Countdown Clock










To make such a big move at such a pivotal time in my life (celebrating my FIRST month of marrying my best friend Nathan), and starting such a big journey, it can be overwhelming to many. But what has certainly been making it easier has been the love that I can truly feel from this team–employees, volunteers, and so many sweet listeners! I may never be able to say it enough, but THANK YOU everyone!! And praise our LORD above for giving my husband and I the adventure in front of us.  The excitement I entered in with yesterday is still seeping through my veins, and I have a gut-feeling that it’ll be there for awhile :)