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De-stressing at the Desk

Posted on May 2, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Whether it’s at a desk, at your home, or outside for 10 hours a day, work is WORK. Even with the job that you like and have fun at, there seems to be stress lingering on the sideline, ready to pounce at any second. So before you decide to bottle the stress deeeeep down inside, you may want to give these tips a shot! Because, let’s face it, you and I know you don’t want to explode and have a “scene” in front of anyone, especially not the boss.

If only we could escape to a cruise every time...

If only we could escape to a cruise every time…

~Moment Of Pause: Taking a minute or two to sit quietly and focus  on the breath can move you into a calmer state by helping you switch from functioning out of the sympathetic nervous system (which is characterized by drive, flight and ambition) to the parasympathetic nervous system (which puts us in a state of “relax and receive”), according to  breathing expert Joan Witkowski. “It really maintains a very steady flow of energy, whereas the perpetual motion does not sustain our energy the same was as ‘motion, pause, motion, pause’ does,” she says. 

~Just Smile: This one is simple: All you have to do is close your eyes, exhale and smile. “Do that several times until you feel that the smile is going through your body,” advises Witkowski. “It has a calming effect.”

~”Change The Air”: Get up and physically change locations when you’re feeling overwhelmed with mounting emails or deadlines. Five minutes of walking around the office or outside can help you reset. “When tension is building and you feel that you can’t find a way to breathe in it, then you get up change the air.”

~Loosen The Jaw: This one is easy to do at your desk, and it can go far in relieving stress. Every once in a while, simply repeat to yourself: “Relax the jaw. Lips together, teeth apart.” And then do a silent “lalala” or count to 10 silently, which loosens the throat as well as the jaw.


Thanks to the Healthy Living article