Carrie Parsons

Basic Info about Carrie

Name: Carrie Parsons
Position: KVNE Morning Show Co-Host; KGLY On-Air Host
Favorite Food: Summer squash and fettuccine Alfredo
Favorite Verse: 2 Peter 1:3

Originally from: Cleveland, Ohio (well, for a minute). I grew up in Tucson, AZ.
Birthday: April 9
When I was a kid I wanted to be: A DJ! =)
Favorite Artists: Big Daddy Weave, Citizen Way, Third Day, TobyMac, Rich Mullins

10 Questions about Carrie Parsons

1. When did you join Encouragement FM?

We’re gonna party like it’s 1999!

2. What does your job entail?

Having coffee and a lot of laughs, (maybe some tears) every weekday morning with Mike Harper on the KVNE morning show. I hop over to 91.3 KGLY in the afternoons for some great music and encouragement from 1 to 4.

3. Describe your family.

Keith and I have been married since 1992. We are blessed to have lots of common interests, so we spend our free time camping, shopping for unique and vintage finds (Canton is our favorite place), and fixing up our little old house. Our son Preston came along in ’94 and although I can’t get him to go camping with us, we all love board games and movie nights together.

4. What do you enjoy most about working here?

Seeing what God is doing through the music and the community outreach. Also, never knowing what Mike Harper is going to do or say next!

5. Share a funny story about working here.

Every. Single. Day.

6. What do you hope to accomplish here?

Being a part of what God is doing here is such a blessing… in my own struggles, finding peace, comfort, strength and grace from God has been a life changer…if I can help someone that needs that reminder, then I want to do that.

7. If you could witness one event in history, what would it be and why?

I would love to have been there for the birth of Jesus. The savior of the world – I can’t imagine the awe and excitement I’d be feeling. To see a precious baby and know that He was the Messiah – wow!

8. If you had one free hour each day, how would you use it?

I would sleep, and often do =)

9. If you had to choose an existing movie title to describe your life, what would it be?

The Money Pit (referring to my 1948 fixer upper)

10. What’s the strangest talent you have?

Maybe making my own peanut butter? Not strange to me, but maybe to someone else =)

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