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And to Think, My TV Cost ________

Posted on May 16, 2013
By Nikki Martinez

Technology can be cool, but it can also be pretty pricey! Being a fan of electronics AND a great deal, it’s always good news to  know I can save money big time on some of the usual purchases families make at least a few times in a lifetime, including the TV. When trying to save yet not end-up with an inferior product, here are tidbits on how to go about the whole process! You should be able to come out with your bank account in check and your head not exploding:

1. Ignore the spec sheet, which is usually located by the price tag of the TV. The information can be confusing, and some say this sheet is designed to get you to step up to the next and more expensive model.

2. Skip the add-ons and other extras like smart apps, 3D features and internet connectivity. They’re nice to have but unnecessary, especially if you’re trying to save money. Instead, stick to basic specs like the size and types of inputs it has. This will help you determine where you’ll put the TV and how you’ll use it.

3. Watch out for misleading sales tactics. Stores often manipulate the settings on TVs they want to move, making them look better than they would at home.

4. Once you’ve chosen your model, another way to stretch your dollar is by extending the life of your new TV. You can do this by lowering the back-light or contrast control, which, as an added bonus, will lower you electric bill, too.


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