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A Letter To My Lovely Wife and Life Partner Lois

Posted on February 13, 2014
By Mike Harper

Tomorrow morning when you wake up, and the future is unclear… I will be here.

Thirty four years together, and we’ve seen so many changes. Changes in jobs, changes in health, changes in cities, changes in family, changes in each other.

One thing that will never change is my intensely held devotion to you as my life love and sweetheart. I don’t always say it well, and I don’t often express it in your love language. But there is no denying this forever – burned – in – my – heart – instilled – in – my – soul love for the person you have always been and will forever be in my inner most being.

So I’ll say it again. The thing I must have said a billion times since 1980. I love you. Regardless of circumstances, regardless of how I may feel at any given time, regardless even if you ever changed your mind. I love you. I can’t NOT love you. I don’t even want to try.

I can’t imagine my life any other way, than with you. Rich or poor, in sickness or in health, I will be here. I… Love… You!