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Fletcher Jonson

About Caleb

Caleb graduated from The University of Texas at Tyler in 2019 and joined the team at Encouragement Media Group in late 2020. Growing up, Caleb focused on sports and choir, where he later went on to sing in college as he worked on obtaining a degree in Marketing. Meanwhile, in the midst of his college years, Caleb also worked four summers at Rose City Summer Camps (now currently known as Mentoring Alliance Summer Camps) where was blessed to become heavily involved in the East Texas community.

After graduating The University of Texas at Tyler, Caleb pursued professional Ultimate Frisbee  where he made the Dallas Roughnecks practice squad in 2020, which soon was cancelled due to the on-going covid protocols. However, in the midst of the saddening news, God used the cancelled season to keep Caleb in Tyler where he could continue to serve The Lord and his community.

Fun facts about Caleb: If he’s not playing Ultimate Frisbee, he is reading books, exploring the outdoors, or writing stories.

Fletcher Jonson

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